One Piece Pirate Warriors

Urian Brown's Super Important Opinon

Is a new golden age of anime video games upon us? Probably yes, otherwise this article would be silly.

VIDEO GAME: Pirate Warriors 2

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 goes back to the tried-and-true formula that's made Dynasty Warriors an enduring franchise.

VIDEO GAME: One Piece: Pirate Warriors Review

Looks like some developers ate the Musou-Musou fruit and made a game!

VIDEO GAME: One Piece: Pirate Warriors Boss Guide

Helpful hints for taking down some of the bosses in One Piece: Pirate Warriors!

VIDEO GAME: One Piece: Pirate Warriors Screenshot Gallery 2

To celebrate the recent release of One Piece Pirate Warriors, here's a bunch of beautiful new screenshots!

VIDEO: One Piece: Pirate Warriors Interview

Wondering why One Piece: Pirate Warriors is only available with the Japanese audio track? Find out, in this interview!

VIDEO GAMES: Incoming! (September 15–September 30)

Will you get caught Dead or Alive playing the Angry Birds Trilogy? Or doesn't it WoW you enough? Here are some cool new games coming out in the next few weeks!

VIDEO GAME: ONE PIECE Pirate Warriors Character Art Gallery!

Namco Bandai's released a bunch of character art for One Piece: Pirate Warriors! Enjoy!

VIDEO GAME: ONE PIECE Pirate Warriors Screenshot Gallery!

Check out these fresh screens from Namco's upcoming One Piece Pirate Warriors!

VIDEO GAME: ONE PIECE: Pirate Warriors Trailer!

Ahoy, maties! Feast yer eyes on this One Piece: Pirate Warriors announcement trailer!