Video Games

Demon Gaze

Tired of slaving away at your boring 9–5 to make rent? Try capturing demons for a living!

Ragnarok Odyssey ACE

If you love grinding for loot and reaping the rewards, this game's for you!

Witch and the Hundred Knight

Finally a video game that will help you count your calories!

SJ GDC Awards!

I went to GDC last week and took a look at the student and independent games! And now I'm giving them made-up awards!

VIDEO GAME: DBZ: Battle of Z

Another fine edition to the long-running Dragon Ball Z video game franchise!

VIDEO GAME: Weapon Shop

Ever wanted to read the "Tweets" of JRPG adventurers? Here's how!


Can an updated version of the classic Strider game ever hope to do the original justice? Do ninja flip out and kill people?

VIDEO GAME: Earth Defense Force 2025

The only good bug is a dead bug...or in this case A LOT of dead bugs!

VIDEO GAME: One Piece Romance Dawn

Ride the digital waves of fun in this lighthearted romp though the One Piece world!

VIDEO GAME: Dustforce

If being a janitor was this fun in real life, it would be a clean world. A very, very clean world!