January Graphic Novels!


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BLEACH 3-in-1 v.7
by Tite Kubo

It’s the day of reckoning for Rukia and Ichigo Kurosaki must fight Soul Reaper Captain Byakuya Kuchiki one on one, whether or not his bankai is battle-ready. Meanwhile the mastermind behind the chaos in the Seireitei is about to be revealed, but will the truth spell the end of the Soul Society?!

Volume 7 available January 7!

by Masashi Kishimoto

With the masked man's identity finally revealed as Kakashi's former teammate Uchiha Obito and not the legendary shinobi Madara, Kakashi's resolve is severely shaken. It will be up to Naruto to inspire his old master to continue the fight. But when Ten Tails is finally awakened, will the entire ninja world be doomed?

Volume 64 available January 7!

NARUTO 3-in-1 v.7
by Masashi Kishimoto

It’s all-out shinobi war as Naruto, Tsunade, Jiraiya and Shizune take on Orochimaru and Kabuto in battle. Then, as Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura hurl toward an uncertain future, an ever-angry Sasuke makes a terrible choice of new teammates. Tsunade sends Naruto others to hunt him down, but the Sound Four looms dangerously close.

Volume 7 available January 7!

by Naoshi Komi

It’s hate at first sight when Raku meets Chitoge! Unfortunately, Raku’s gangster father arranges a false love match between Raku and their rival gang leader’s daughter, who just so happens to be Chitoge! Meanwhile, Raku’s searching for his childhood sweetheart, but he can't even remember the girl’s name or face!

Volume 1 available January 7!

by Toshiaki Iwashiro

W.I.S.E's elite battle force, nicknamed the "Scourge," is attacking the Root's underground stronghold! After a fierce battle, Ageha, his fellow Psionists and the Elmore Wood Gang barely succeed in driving them away. But when Star Commander Junas shows up, Ageha finds himself driven into a corner...

Volume 14 available January 7!

by Nobuhiro Watsuki

During the violent upheaval of the Bakumatsu era, Hitokiri Battosai was a feared and ruthless assassin. But now that the Meiji Restoration has begun to heal the wounds of civil war, Battosai has taken up a new name…and a new calling! He is now Himura Kenshin, a wanderer who has vowed to only draw his sword to protect those in need.

Volume 2 available January 7!

story by Shin Yoshida, art by Naohito Miyoshi

The mysterious Luna suddenly appears and challenges Shark to a duel. At stake is a new card and a new power! Elsewhere, Yuma and his friends form the Numbers Club, dedicated to finding the powerful Numbers Cards and stopping the plans of the evil Dr. Faker!

Volume 4 available January 7!

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Submitted by yafada on Tue, 01/07/2014 - 12:04

You guys need a digital release calendar. Not all titles are set in stone, but there must certainly be a few that are. I was eagerly waiting for two more volumes of Seiya today. Hopefully they get steady releases again starting next week.

Submitted by John Bae on Tue, 01/07/2014 - 14:48

We try and work with the digital team, but sometimes release dates are too tentative. In the future though, we will try to be more diligent in covering digital releases!
Submitted by yafada on Tue, 01/07/2014 - 20:19

That's understandable. Speaking of which, is there a chance the next Nisekoi comes out this month?

Submitted by Joanesee on Wed, 02/05/2014 - 09:55

Hello Mr. Bae, I wanted to contact you at some point, but seeing as the comment section under our newest promo, Blue Eyes White Dragon, has been conveniently disabled, I felt this was the only place for me to inquire a couple of things to you. I do not lie when I say that I am not the only one to feel this way about the card. And it could be that even you yourself knew, and that is why the comments were disabled. In the past, you have beseeched us, your loyal readers of Shonen Jump to have our voice be heard, for us to be able to choose our next promo. This is why I signed up for Shonen Jump, because I like the opportunity I was given to have a choice on the promo card that I wanted. I would like to ask then, why, for our 2 most recent promos, but most specifically for the Blue Eyes, was the opportunity to choose was not bestowed upon us? It is in my humble opinion that choice is what made your magazine so enticing for readers, and not having even that takes away much of the reason why subscribers pay.

I know you are usually very responsive, so I would like to ask a couple of questions in the hopes they might be answered. First and foremost, how and why did you arrive at the choice of the alternate art Blue Eyes as our next promo, and why this card instead of Starship Galaxy Tomahawk or something of a competitive calibre like that, especially when you know we here in the TCG Get ONLY 4 CARDS PER YEAR, versus in Japan, where THEY GET ONE EVERY MONTH OR WEEK? I would not have even minded the Blue Eyes if it had been a bonus card not counted among our 4, or a Tenth Anniversary Special, but seeing this, especially on the heels of a release in Legendary Collection 1, a promo in the Blue Eyes Structure Deck, a printing in Starter Deck Kaiba Reloaded and now a rerelease in Legendary Collection Gameboard Edition, the number of Blue Eyes printings has skyrocketed within the year, and I highly DOUBT that your subscribers were looking for another one. In the first year of Alpha, I was excited to see cool cards like Slifer and Shockmaster, and was pumped to be able to have Gustav Max and the Gimmick Puppets, but as much as I hate to say it, it looks as if you guys have lost track of your readers, leaving questioning community members like me to piggyback on other posts. When I signed up for this magazine, I expected something different. I expected choice. Was I wrong to think I had one, Mr. Bae?

tl:dr Between all 4 of its printings within the last year, We have enough blue eyes, and we get only 4 SJ Alpha promos per year. Why Blue Eyes, Why werent we given a poll, and WHY CANT WE COMMENT???

Thank you,


Submitted by yafada on Mon, 02/17/2014 - 21:35

Personally, I've only looked at the promo cards that came with the magazine as collectibles that came as freebies to compliment my manga.

Submitted by jkphantom on Tue, 01/07/2014 - 12:27

YES!!! Love the NaruHina cover!! <3

Naruto+Hinata=OTP FOR LIFE <3 ^_^

Submitted by Shonenjump86 on Tue, 01/07/2014 - 22:06

Getting Naruto, Psyren and Nisekoi. Is there any chance we can get more graphic novel series that are no longer running in Jump such as Medaka Box? I would love to add that to my collection, along with the return of Reborn and Strawberry 100%.

Submitted by ioue54 on Sat, 01/11/2014 - 00:27

When will One-Punch Man be released in print form in the U.S.?

Submitted by ioue54 on Sat, 01/11/2014 - 00:29

Next One Piece print release isn't until March (I think). . . . oh well. I'm very excited to see chapter 700 in print format.